We built it;
we know it best.

The original constructor of corrosion and abrasion resistant linings and structures worldwide. Specializing in the design and protection against the harshest environments in the industry since 1884.



STEBBINS’ subsidiary companies, BIGELOW-LIPTAK and CHEMIPULP-JENSSEN, offer a range of CapEx and OpEx design, process improvements, maintenance and spare parts for a variety of chemical process operations, including Incinerators, Furnaces, Sulphur Burners, and their associated process equipment.



STEBBINS offers lab capabilities for testing material resistance to find an optimal product for the desired application. This allows a verified engineered solution to be presented as part of the proposed work scope and schedule performance.


Towers, tanks, vessels and engineered linings are designed and built for the unique needs of the client. The vessels can be lined with brick, tile, coatings, FRP, or any sort of solution at a STEBBINS’ facility or in the field, all depending on the requirements of the project.


We are always striving towards Plant lining design improvements and services to solve maintenance issues for acid/solvent processes. Additionally, our in-house high pressure/high temperature reactor is used to validate materials for construction process resistance.




Before providing lining recommendations, process details such as chemical service, temperature, pressure, and process abrasiveness are taken into consideration along with structural stability. The lining system developed for the project is then reviewed with the client and/or their consultant.



In most instances, all materials for a project are developed, supplied and installed by STEBBINS. Our proprietary materials are used where experience shows they are equal or better than other available materials and are economically feasible. In those instances where our proprietary materials cannot handle the service conditions, we choose the optimum materials available from other sources. These latter materials are constantly being screened by our Technical Services Department.



Completed in accordance with STEBBINS’ supplied drawings and specifications using our crew.



STEBBINS’ approach is to warrant the complete installed lining or structure, regardless of the source of materials. In this way, we offer “single responsibility.”