We built it;
we know it best.

The original constructor of corrosion and abrasion resistant linings and structures worldwide. Specializing in the design and protection against the harshest environments in the industry since 1884.

Experience as corrosion engineer/constructor. We apply technical, scientific, and engineering knowledge and experience to design and install systems to protect equipment from corrosion and mitigate down-time as a result of extensive and uneconomical maintenance.

Experience with structures and tower linings. Regardless of the chemical environment within the tower, we will apply our experience to design and install the correct solution the first time. If the process conditions demand outside consultation, we will utilize our network within the industry to ensure the best solution is determined.

Experience for high-temperature processes engineering. We have been providing refractory installations and shutdown services for a large duration of our history.

Experience with acid/solvent refinery processes. Our proprietary membranes and chemical/abrasion resistant masonry lining systems are utilized throughout most refinery applications, and we can provide optimized vessel and lining designs that can save our clients significant capital and lifecycle costs.

Experience with industrial water/waste processes. Masonry linings are very highly resistant to extreme chlorides, acids and alkalis. A few opportunities for linings and construction include; Frac wastewater treatment, Frac produced water treatment, Coal pile runoff storage/treatment, FGD wastewater treatment, Refinery Desalinization/WWT plants and more.



– The SEMPLATE is resistant to wide process upsets and fire resistant.


– Lower “Life Cycle” costs compared to other corrosion resistant means of construction (i.e. alloy, rubber lined carbon steel, etc.).


– The vessels can economically support structures and mechanical equipment to save capital cost and plant footprint space.


– The use of non-metallic exterior avoids costly painting and exterior corrosion.


– STEBBINS offers a single source contract and warranty for design, supply and installation.


– Use of a large percentage of local materials and commonly available skilled workforce for construction.


– Ease of installation in congested plant areas.


– Ideal for high seismic areas, corrosive processes, and resistance to 75,000 ppm free chlorides.


– Proven reliability and long life. STEBBINS’ installations have been shown to operate with minimal to no maintenance for many years, minimizing costs associated with operation.

Since 1884.

STEBBINS commonly works closely with engineering, construction and equipment supply companies, as part of a team, to place the Owner’s interests first and to deliver Certainty of Outcome on each project. Our unique blend of 135+ years of empirical knowledge of material performance and design standards, coupled with current expertise, has allowed STEBBINS to provide solutions to even the toughest design, operational, or site constraint conditions. 


As a contractor that utilizes reinforced concrete for the civil components of our projects, a large part of our business is compromised of general concrete repair and concrete restoration. Typically, clients will normally request that STEBBINS take on any civil work on their site due to our overall experience with constructing concrete structures, and their overall familiarity with our service and our success. Our projects range from small repair and rehabilitation projects to large multi-million-dollar projects.


No matter the project, our experience allows us to work with you and your budget to best develop a solution for your needs. Get in touch with us below.