SCI Fireclay Brick are manufactured from selected clays extruded and fired to a high degree of vitrification. This assures an exceptionally dense, low absorption brick that meets ASTM C-279 Type III specifications. All brick is manufactured under an ISO Quality System.


SCI Brick are being used successfully in many types of applications where resistance to liquid and gaseous acid media is required. Typical applications include Sulfuric Acid Drying, Absorption Towers, Gas Scrubbing Towers and acid resistant floors.


SCI Type III Brick exhibit very low water absorption and stringent dimensional tolerances. These attributes have made SCI Type III Brick the material of choice for the Magnesium Metal Extraction Industry.


SCI Brick have a long history of performance in strong oxidizing Acid Bleach Towers in the Pulp and Paper Industry. They are the material of choice for lining ClO2 Bleach Towers, ClO2 Generating Tanks and Waste Acid Tanks. SCI Brick have also been utilized extensively throughout the Metals and Minerals Industry in highly acidic applications.



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