NUROFAST 52 CF is a chemical-resistant, highly resilient, elastomeric, carbon-filled polyurethane material. It is solvent-free and cures in ambient temperatures. Nurofast 52 CF is supplied in two (2) parts – paste and hardener, for mixing at the time of use. It is suitable for use in many applications, such as: Mortar, for chemical-resistant masonry; membrane (behind ceramic wall and floor linings); joint compound, where the flexible properties of the material can be utilized.


Nurofast is thixotropic and may be applied on floors, on vertical surfaces, or overhead. It may be applied by troweling or by caulking gun.


Nurofast 52CF as a membrane has a long history throughout the Pulp & Paper, Chemical and Metal/Mineral Refining Industries in a variety of applications. Its history is as a corrosion resistant membrane in concrete or steel vessels, in aggressive chemical applications, many involving elevated temperatures and low pressure. It especially offers excellent resistance to process streams containing both high chlorides and fluorides.

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