Although concrete structures are strong and practical, they are inherently porous and will allow the penetration of potentially destructive vapors and liquids. Concrete covers are often used for process vessels and storage tanks. Acid vapors can condense on the surface of the exposed concrete and quickly react with concrete components. Chloride ions can attack the underlying reinforcing bars eventually causing the concrete to spall. Concrete walls and floors must also be protected against such chemical attack.


STEBBINS’ Epoxy Concrete Sealer (ECS) is a two-component, low viscosity product used to protect concrete from chemical splashes or harmful process vapors. Besides acting as a vapor barrier, the sealer provides very good resistance to splashes of mildly acidic and alkaline solutions. It also improves abrasion resistance. Its low viscosity and long working time allow the product to penetrate the surface of concrete eliminating porosity and filling hairline cracks. Once within the concrete, the epoxy forms strong chemical and mechanical bonds.

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