STEBBINS AR‐500 Polymer Concrete is a chemical resistant polymer concrete based on a vinyl ester resin, catalyst and STEBBINS aggregate blend. This is the same resin base used to produce AR-500 Mortar. It should be noted that it DOES NOT CONTAIN water or any hydraulic cement such as Portland Cement and should not be consider a cementitious concrete.

It exhibits excellent resistance to chemical attack by bleach solutions, inorganic acids, organic acids, alkaline solutions and some solvents.


AR‐500 Polymer Concrete can provide both structural strength and chemical resistance to form pump bases, walls, floors and other structural components that are subject to chemical splashes, spills and submersion.


AR‐500 Polymer Concrete will develop excellent compressive strength within hours, unlike a hydraulic concrete such as a Portland Cement based concrete, which do not reach full strength until weeks after it is poured. It can also be modified to a chemical resistant Polymer Grout to pour into smaller annular spaces such as wall cavities of a lining. The pourable grout consistency or a very stiff consistency is made by adjusting the amount of aggregates in the mix. In order to maintain the quality of AR‐500 Polymer Concrete, any adjustments must be approved by STEBBINS’ Technical Services group.

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