STEBBINS AR-196 Mortar is a chemical resistant masonry joint material based on a vinyl ester resin. The mortar exhibits excellent resistance to chemical attack by oxidizing bleach solutions, mineral and organic acids, alkaline solutions and some organic solvents. It has been used extensively in Pulp and Paper Mill Bleach Towers, Spent Acid Storage Tanks and in a variety of other mill equipment. 


The Power Industry has utilized AR-196 Mortar in the construction of Scrubbers. It has also been used in Chemical Plants/Metal Leach Refineries in such vessels as Chlorate Treater Cells, Titanium Dioxide processing Tanks and Zinc/Nickle processing tanks.


In addition to its excellent resistance to chemical attack by a wide range of media (which makes it suitable for service in many areas), AR-196 Mortar also exhibits superior physical properties. It has good adhesion to ceramics as well as to concrete and steel. Its tensile and compressive strengths are high, and its water absorption and shrinkage are very low. It is easily handled requiring the mixing of only two (2) components.

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