The valuable experiences we obtained from lining development, installation, and service for the pulp and paper Industry allowed STEBBINS to enter the metal and mineral refining, chemical, petrochemical and power industries with unique technological capabilities, and vast empirical data.


Due to this experience, we are regularly called upon to work with clients on a confidential basis to recommend lining materials, provide test work, and develop lining specifications. If the client decides to proceed with the project, the preliminary confidential work typically results in a complete STEBBINS’ installation of the recommended linings using our own experienced project team and field forces.


When supplied with adequate process details, such as chemical conditions, temperature, pressure, and process abrasiveness, we provide the client with a lining recommendation and a proposal for the design, supply and installation of the proposed lining system.


For commercial convenience, and to avoid overlooking related details of other components, clients frequently select STEBBINS for unit responsibility by having us supply vessels and internals, along with our linings.


With our unique engineering capability and years of experience, we are regularly called upon to work with clients to develop chemical resistant systems for severe process conditions. Much of this work is done with reciprocal Confidentiality Agreements.