The highly efficient internal operations at STEBBINS are based on our centralized services at our Watertown, New York, headquarters. This centralized headquarters serves the rest of our locations around the world.


Besides developing new products and maintaining quality control of our proprietary materials, our Research and Development Group keeps us up-to-date on lining materials while continuously monitoring the quality of all field projects.

At any given time, this group has at least one development program active for a customer with an unusual lining requirement. These projects usually entail a Secrecy Agreement and may involve material screening and testing, which often results in our deep involvement with the resulting full-scale projects. Personnel from this group are available for field inspection and/or control work. Through our Research and Development Department, we continue to add special products to our proprietary line of chemical-resistant masonry (brick), liner plate (tile), mortars and membranes.


These departments attend to the daily engineering work required to bid jobs, prepare drawings, and support our field forces. Our engineering team covers the development of new engineering concepts, construction methods, and company standards. 


The growth of STEBBINS forced the establishment of a centralized Construction Department to handle our largest contracts. Our Construction Department works in tandem with our engineering, research, and project management groups to deliver the best project outcomes to our clients.